Collaborative Poem

What to believe?

Nobody knows

Unity is vital 

But division is rampant

A world separated but united.

Mourning our losses,

Conquered and divided.

Alone together.

Words with no meaning,

Arguments over isolationism are all we propagate.

Loss of relation, loss of self.

We emerge, but how changed?

I worked with Aliza Cantor and Jake Matthews to create a poem about our current environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I wrote the first stanza and cannot seem to overlook the weaponization of media in such a trying time. Though we need each other’s love and support, the pandemic has drawn starker party lines, and it is hard to separate biases from truths and facts. We cannot blindly trust sources and must expose ourselves to a range of media sources, but this takes a toll on our mental health. At some point, excessive intake of news desensitizes us, an idea relating to Professor Tamura’s unit. We are ignorant to ignore photos and news coverage about the pandemic, but at some point, we become desensitized. Separating conceptual schemes from the world of facts becomes exhausting, but we must continue to take on this task if we desire the truth.