Unit 8

Below are some of my observations and questions about five of Ulrike Meinhof’s writings (1-5) and two German films (6-7).

  1. “New German Ghetto Show”

!: It is interesting that Martini believed that political freedom could not exist under democracy.

?: Did media censorship arise in response to the RAF or had these practices been ongoing long before?

  1. “Hitler Within You”

!: It is not enough to simply criticize the “old Nazis.” We must also criticize equally oppressive modern ideas and do away with them in order to ensure total political freedom for all. 

?: Doesn’t communism firmly reject the separation of powers? Why does Meinhof call for this?

  1. “Human Dignity is Violable”

!: For Meinhof, nuclear weapons and democracy can never go together, for these weapons directly destroy peace and freedom, two concepts that are foundational to democracy.

?: Was demilitarization a popular idea at the time that the Constitution was written?

  1. “Women in the SDS: Acting on Their Own Behalf”

!: It is a societal, not a personal, failure that makes it impossible for women to simultaneously raise children and work outside of the home.

?: Does the political need to be personal in order to be authentic? 

  1. “Columnism”

!: It is ironic that Meinhof characterizes colomnists as powerless and as stars. 

?: Why did Meinhof choose to be a columnist if she viewed them as “powerless individuals?” 

  1. The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum

!: I am surprised that the producer had the freedom to critique the press so harshly. Perhaps that is why he added the disclaimer at the end.

?: Was the publisher’s highly hypocritical speech at Tötges’ funeral meant to be humorous? 

  1. Baader-Meinhof Complex

!: Interesting connections between Meinhof and Epstein suicides.

?: Didn’t the first generation of the RAF also kill innocent people? Why did they criticize the later generations for doing this?